Healing with our Ancestors

Reconnect to the roots of your own culture and blood line stories, embody inherited gifts, heal your living family and support the troubled ancestors to access the realm of the wise ones.

I am Hazel and the work I offer is universal to any cultural and ethnic background.
Ancestral Lineage Repair

Ancestral Repair

Connect in a supportive way with your loving and wise ancestors to experience personal and family healing.

Intuitive / Shamanic Journeying


Explore the emotional and psychological aspects of your family tree and bring to light unknown family transmissions.

Healing with Nature

Heal with Nature

Cultivate inner peace and gain clarity by connecting to the land and the elements through intentions and rituals.

Genealogy Research Support

Genealogy Help

Gain tools and insights on how to develop your family tree and bring your history and ancestors into living memory.

“Ultimately your ancestor veneration practice is your own. You are already the high priest or high priestess of this religion. That means you have the freedom and the responsibility to honor your ancestors in a way that works for both you and them”  ~ Rebecca Campbell

The revival of shamanic ritual practices and animistic worldview can be seen as expressions of our need to rekindle our connection to the natural environment and our old traditions.

By connecting with our history and culture of origin we can reinvent and revive the practices and rituals of our ancestors without having to take on cultures or practices that belong to other ancestral lineages.

Disconnection often leads to spiritual seeking and sometimes to cultural appropriation where within the seeking, one takes on cultures or practices that belong to other ancestral lineages. This happens because we don’t have a frame of reference for what was practiced by our own ancestors. Practices and rituals have been lost.

By repairing our connection to our own ancestral lineages we can access their knowledge and wisdom. This supports us to (re)learn what we need in order to gain a greater sense of belonging and connection. It also allows us to fully show up, well resourced with a sense of personal wholeness and equipped to embrace and be inspired by other cultures rather than getting lost in them. 

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